[LINUX] How to calculate Use% of df command

If it is completely disk full, it will be a later festival, so I recognize that it is displayed with a little buffer, but how is it actually? When I calculate it, it doesn't fit.

$ df  /
Filesystem              1K-blocks     Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/centos-root  30909700 14577164  16332536  48% /

The display of df is 48%, but (use * 100) / (Used + Available) This calculation gives 47%.

echo "(14577164 * 100) / (14577164 + 16332536)" | bc

Let's try core-utils.


        case PCENT_FIELD:
        case IPCENT_FIELD:
            double pct = -1;
            if (! known_value (v->used) || ! known_value (v->available))
            else if (!v->negate_used
                     && v->used <= TYPE_MAXIMUM (uintmax_t) / 100
                     && v->used + v->available != 0
                     && (v->used + v->available < v->used)
                     == v->negate_available)
                uintmax_t u100 = v->used * 100;
                uintmax_t nonroot_total = v->used + v->available;
                pct = u100 / nonroot_total + (u100 % nonroot_total != 0);

Is it a feeling that it is generally +1? In the first place, this (u100% nonroot_total! = 0) returns 0 or 1.

$ cat x.c
#include <stdio.h>
int main(void)
  printf("%d\n", (0 != 0));
  printf("%d\n", (1 != 0));
$ gcc x.c
$ ./a.out

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