[PYTHON] Collaboration between PTVS and Anaconda

I was a little addicted to using Anaconda with Visual Studio + PTVS, so a memorandum

Visual Studio 2015 settings

  1. Overcome the Proxy environment
  1. Introduction of PTVS

Download from PTVS GitHub

Download Contents
Python Tools for VS 201 Body of PTVS
Sample Pack Templates for project creation are added
Machine Learning Pack Azure Machine Learning connectivity kit

Introduction of Anaconda

  1. Download from Anaconda Anaconda_download.PNG

Anaconda includes Python 3.5.1, so if you only use Anaconda, you don't need to install it separately. Anaconda Package List

  1. Installation Set both environment variables インストール.PNG

Cooperation with Visual Studio

  1. Open "Tools-> Options-> Python Tools" in Visual Studio ptvs連携.PNG

  2. Create a new environment from "Add Environment" Preferences.PNG

Specify the one in Anaconda for Path, Windows Path, Library Path

  1. Right-click on "Python Environments" and click "Add / Remove ~" Specify the "Anaconda" created earlier 環境設定.PNG

that's all

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