About the ease of Python

I'm sorry to be very late. Actually, I replaced the bridge (Archer C81) yesterday. I'm sorry. Originally Python Advent Calendar 2020 It is the 15th day, but it is written on the 16th day.

Easy with Python

To be honest, Python is easy. Do you have many frameworks like PHP and don't know which one to use? Actually, I don't really feel it because I use the original one. It's easier and easier to write things.

Python can be written as you wish.

I've come to like Python as much as PHP. Because it's easy and you can do what you want. The good thing is that you don't have to write it down. Javascript is, frankly, too weird. That's why I moved to Python.

Let's write more comfortably

To be honest, I want to program MS Office with Python. VBA is a language that hasn't been modified at all and is full of dangers. From now on, let's write MS Office code in Python instead of VBA. I think you can write stable and good code. How is it, MS? Let's throw away VBA and switch to Python.

In fact, it's my first year in Python.

I wrote it here, but I'm really a beginner in the second year of writing Python. To be honest, the reason for this is that now I have a chance to write good code in Python for the lonely Pepper-kun's block programming, so I thought I should have a chance to see it. Probably after being invited by Mr. Adachi to start doing Python. To be honest, I think it's a script that allows you to write code neatly. Like PHP, Python and C # are one of the languages ​​I would recommend to beginners.

That's all for today because I have to write one that I think. I'm sorry I was late for the day.

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