I tried Python! ] I graduated today from "What is Python! Python!"!

I'm a super beginner in Python, so I can't say anything great, Today, I would like to talk about what is popular about "Python".

After reading this article, from the frustrating daily feelings of "What is Python! Python!" I sincerely hope that more people will be graduating today.

■ What is Python?

Simply put, Python is a programming language. I will quote from wikipedia, I think there are three advantages of Python: (1) You can start for free (2) There are various free packages (3) Easy to use for statistical analysis

I think that all three of the above are factors that have become popular, I feel that (3) is a relatively large factor.

■ Why is Python easy to use for statistical analysis?

Recently, AI (artificial intelligence) has become a hot topic, In my opinion, AI theory is an application of statistics and mathematics. Therefore, it seems that Python, which is good at statistical analysis, is also gaining attention in proportion to the degree of attention of AI.

■ I'm a little interested in AI and machine learning, but it seems difficult for me, isn't it?

I do not think so. I don't think it has anything to do with humanities or science. I am also a beginner, so let's do our best together! !!

■ What is the Python source code? Is it difficult anyway?

Please see the example of the statement and execution result for a moment.

[Statement 1]


[Execution result 1]


How about that...? I'm sorry. I can't really feel this ...

[Instruction 2]


[Execution result 2]

How about that? Whether it is difficult or not depends on each person, With a two-line instruction, you can output the result (figure) of a good statistical analysis called a histogram, which is indispensable for statistical analysis.

I didn't mention it as an advantage of Python earlier, but It is also possible to perform statistical analysis with simple statements. I think it's an advantage of Python.

■ I'm interested in Python, but I don't know what to start with!

The recommendation is to install Python on your PC now (I have it installed on my windows laptop), It is to learn while moving your hands. Fortunately, in this era of rich internet, Free data and free teaching materials are everywhere on the internet. Of course, there are ways to install Python on your PC! (I also relied on it to prepare the PC environment!)

■ What should I aim for?

I myself Participate in "Kaggle", a global data analysis competition! When, Participate in "SIGNATE", a Japanese data analysis competition! Is the goal.

■ Conclusion

Python is a simple programming language and is good at statistical analysis. If you are interested in it, I recommend you to install it on your PC now and analyze the data.

■ Finally

Thank you for reading to the end today. Somehow, I feel that the story is off the explanation of Python ... If there are people who are interested in Python but can't take it, I feel like it's a waste. I wrote this article. If you like it, please like it and it will encourage you to post it. Please. We also accept scolding. (I don't know how to accept it every time ...) We'll see you somewhere! Goodbye ~ (^^) / ”

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I tried Python! ] I graduated today from "What is Python! Python!"!
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