Divide each PowerPoint slide into a JPG file and output it with python


Want to convert a PPT file to JPG and use it for document creation? I found a person who is working on automation (https://qiita.com/natsutan/items/2487e24fe3f31569b40d), but I thought that the following two points were insufficient.

――The slide names are slide 1 and slide 2, and if you make a lot of them, you won't know what the picture is. ――When I wrote a small picture, there was a lot of margin (to export the entire slide)

Therefore, based on the PPT slide title name, I made software that outputs each page as a JPG file.

Operating environment

Execution result

--When you run it on Spyder, a window will appear, where you can select a PowerPoint file. --The images folder is created, and a JPG file is generated with the title name of each page. -(However, if there is a Japanese name in the execution path, it will fail.) ← python is difficult to support S-JIS.


How to use

How many margins should be allocated to the total width with Margin in the file? With whiteSpaceCutRatio, you can set what percentage to cut from the top (for title cut). Please adjust according to your own environment.

Margin = 0.1; #margin
whiteSpaceCutRatio = 0.2; #What percentage of the above should be cut? Adjust for each PPT file

More convenient usage

If you want to generate a batch file by double-clicking, create a batch file like the one below. You can generate an image from PowerPoint by double-clicking without going through the UserInterface.

Batch file explanation

--The first line calls the anaconda prompt from the cmd prompt. How to check this path is as shown in the attached figure. The point is to put a call, otherwise it will stop at the anaconda prompt. --The second line describes pythonpath + executable file path + PowerPoint file path. When entering the PowerPoint file path here, "" is an Escape character, so it is manually converted to "\". --If you save the following file in batch file format such as test.bat, you can get PowerPoint by double-clicking. It will be converted to a JPG file. --If you don't know the path of python.exe, this page (http://rikoubou.hatenablog.com/entry/2018/11/05/174320) Please check with print (sys.path) on Spyder referring to.

call C:\Users\hogemmacho\Anaconda3\Scripts\activate.bat 
C:\Users\hogemmacho\anaconda3\python.exe C:\Users\hogemmacho\Desktop\obenkyo\powerPointSlidesExportasJPG.py "C:\\Users\\hogemmacho\\Desktop\\obenkyo\\test1.pptx"

AnacondaPromptのpathの調べ方.jpg AnacondaPromptのpathの調べ方2.jpg

Other miscellaneous notes

OpenCV cv2.imread cannot read Japanese file names. So, in this source, once converted to hogehogefugaFuga.jpg and processed with Opencv Reverted to the original name (reference: https://qiita.com/SKYS/items/cbde3775e2143cad7455) .. Japanese is annoying with python. And thanks to the person who wrote the article

Execution code

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Created on Sat Jun 13 13:49:23 2020

@author: hogemaccho
import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import filedialog
import os 
from comtypes import client
import cv2
import numpy as np
import shutil 
import sys

# notice:
#If you use this file on a folder path that includes Japan
#Does not work properly

# GlobalSetting Change here 
Margin = 0.1; #margin
whiteSpaceCutRatio = 0.2; #What percentage of the above should be cut? Adjust for each PPT file

# Select PowerpointFile and get Absolute path 
def UIgetPPTFilePath(CurrentDirPath):
    root = tk.Tk()
    typ = [('PPT file','*.pptx')] 
    file_path = filedialog.askopenfilename(filetypes =typ, initialdir = CurrentDirPath)
    return file_path

# Create "images" dir
def makeImageDir(CurrentDirPath):
    ImageDirPath = CurrentDirPath+'\\images'
    if not(os.path.exists(ImageDirPath)):
    return ImageDirPath
#Open PowerPoint and save Image for SaveDirpath  as JPG
def export_img(file_path,SaveDirPath):
    application = client.CreateObject("Powerpoint.Application")
    application.Visible = True
    presentation = application.Presentations.open(file_path)
    #SlideList = application.Acti
    slideList = application.ActivePresentation.Slides
    # Export JPG file  titlename = filename 
    for i in range(slideList.Count):
        title = ""
        slide = slideList.Item(i+1) #Slides Start as 1 
        title = slide.Shapes.Title.TextFrame.TextRange.Text
        JPGFullPath = SaveDirPath+'\\'+title+'.jpg'
#Cut Jpg white space 
def whiteSpaceCut(JPGFullPath,titleCutRatio):
    #Copy as a  countermeasure to  Japanese character 
    tempFileName = './hogehogefugaFuga.jpg'
    #read jpg as gray Image 
    ImageData = cv2.imread(tempFileName,cv2.IMREAD_GRAYSCALE)
    CutImageData = cv2.imread(tempFileName,cv2.IMREAD_COLOR)
    CutImageData = CutImageData[round(ImageData.shape[0]*titleCutRatio):,:,:]
    GrayImage = ImageData[round(ImageData.shape[0]*titleCutRatio):,:]
    #Serch White(r,g,b = 255,255,255) Area 
    GrayImageWidth = np.mean(GrayImage,axis = 0)
    GrayImageHeight = np.mean(GrayImage,axis = 1)

    GrayImageWidthStart = np.where(GrayImageWidth <255)[0][0] 
    GrayImageWidthEnd = np.where(GrayImageWidth <255)[0][-1] 
    GrayImageHeightStart = np.where(GrayImageHeight <255)[0][0] 
    GrayImageHeightEnd = np.where(GrayImageHeight <255)[0][-1] 
    #Take  Margin
    WidthLength  =  GrayImageWidthEnd - GrayImageWidthStart;
    HeightLength =  GrayImageHeightEnd - GrayImageHeightStart;
    #Cut area 
    WidthStartPoint = GrayImageWidthStart - round(WidthLength*Margin);
    if WidthStartPoint < 1:
        WidthStartPoint = 1

    WidthEndPoint = GrayImageWidthEnd + round(WidthLength*Margin);
    if WidthEndPoint >= len(GrayImageWidth):
        WidthEndPoint = len(GrayImageWidth)
    HeightStartPoint = GrayImageHeightStart - round(HeightLength*Margin)
    if HeightStartPoint < 1 :
        HeightStartPoint = 1;
    HeightEndPoint = GrayImageHeightEnd + round(HeightLength*Margin)
    if HeightEndPoint >= len(GrayImageHeight):
        HeightEndPoint = len(GrayImageHeight)
    OutputImageData = CutImageData[int(HeightStartPoint):int(HeightEndPoint),\
    #rename File and delete tempprary file     

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # check command line
    args = sys.argv

    # Current DirPath
    CurrentDirPath = os.path.dirname(__file__)
    # get PPT file path using User Interface 
    if len(args)==1:
        file_path = UIgetPPTFilePath(CurrentDirPath)
        file_path = args[1]  
    # make images dir for current folder 
    ImageDirPath = makeImageDir(CurrentDirPath)
    # export image 

in conclusion

Did not paste the sushi license. But can someone buy sushi?

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