[PYTHON] I tried to expand the database so that it can be used with PES analysis software

We will automate the data analysis of PES! Part7

■ Introduction

■ Contents of this article

The software in this article is written in python. ■ Reference URL

▼ List of extended functions of analysis application

  1. Player authentication function
  2. Data reading function from database
  3. A function to output metric data in CSV from the match result image
  4. Ability to add CSV metrics data to the database

■ Background to database management

It's too annoying!

So move on to database management! Master data will grow even if it is left unattended if a mechanism is created in which the analysis results of each player are aggregated in a database.

■ Introduction for each extension

▼ What is the database like?

● When you actually move, it looks like this ↓

▼ Read data from database

● Data manipulation from user authentication looks like this

▼ CSV file output from image data

● From user authentication to CSV output like this

● Contents of the specified folder after image processing

▼ Add to database

● Database after addition

■ Remaining tasks

I think it's a bug. .. In my opinion, bug fix is the most growing experience, so I would like to take it positively.

■ Prospect

Personally, who will win if XX players and XX players are played against each other! ?? I want to let you do something like that softly! Lol For that purpose, this analysis software is necessary as a mechanism for collecting data.

■ End

This article ends here! Please look forward to the next time ♪

■ Reference URL

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