The process of installing Atom and getting Python running

What is Atom

Atom is the name of the editor. An editor is software for editing with the name as it is, but I am using it because it can be used on Windows. I don't have the PC with ubuntu now, so I'm working on another PC (low voice) It's a new editor from 2015, but it's a great way to work more efficiently. It is recommended for beginners as it has many extensions, many users, and a lot of information on the Web.

What to do this time

This time, we will proceed in the following order. ・ Installation of Atom -Run Python.

Assumed environment

Windows10 Internet

Install Atom

First, go to the homepage from the link below and download it.

Then run the downloaded file. Probably the file has the following name. AtomSetup-x64.exe 2020-03-14 (5).png

This completes the installation. After that, Atom will be opened automatically, or open Atom from the shortcut.

Run python

First, select New File from the File tab and create a new file. Next, use Save As… to decide the file name. For the fill name, change the file extension such as to py and make it a Python file.

Next, select Settings from the File tab to open the settings screen. The contents of the File tab are as shown in the image below. The red frame shows the one used this time. 図1.png

Install the package to run next. Click the + Install button at the bottom left of the settings screen. Type atom-runner in the search window to search. Install the atom-runner that came out after searching. You can now do it. The one surrounded by the red frame in the image below is the one used this time. Since it is a screen after installation, if such a screen appears, you can install it. 図2.png

This time we will use the following Python file.

print('Hello World!!')

Execution is Alt + R. If the following screen appears, it is successful. 2020-03-14 (12).png

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