[Linux] When "| (pipe)" cannot be hit on CentOS7

I hope I started studying Linux, but ...

Inspired by Qiita's article (I lost sight of it), "You can use Linux as an engineer!", I started studying LinuxLinux standard textbook is indebted to me. I succeeded in building a virtual machine with VirtualBox and thought that it was a good start, but I got stuck with "4.4 pipe".

** I can't hit the "pipe (|)"! ** **

Even if I set the commands and files that came out after searching for "linux pipe not hit", all failed. I knew there was a problem with the keyboard layout settings ...


It was solved by force.

Specifically, I set the language to "** English (United States) **" in "Applications-> System Tools-> Settings-> Regions and Languages" at the top left of the desktop screen.

Then, I excluded all Japanese from the input source (keyboard) (select and press-), and only "** English (US) " (press + to select). You can see the keyboard layout by pressing the keyboard icon at the bottom left of the input source, but if you look at the " English (US) **" keyboard, there is a pipe just to the left of the Enter key.

After the above settings, reboot and type ** Shift +] ** in the terminal and a pipe will appear!

It's just a first aid, but you can continue studying with it!

That's what to do when you can't enter a pipe in CentOS7 ^^

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