It is more convenient to use csv-table when writing a table with python-sphinx

.. csv-table::
   :header: A, B, A and B
   :widths: 5, 5, 5

   False, False, False
   True, False, False
   False, True, False
   True, True, True With the method written in, you have to adjust the number of ===== every time the length of the table element changes, which is annoying. Below is an example of how to write

=====  =====  =======
A      B      A and B
=====  =====  =======
False  False  False
True   False  False
False  True   False
True   True   True
=====  =====  =======
=====  =====  =======
A      B      A and B
=====  =====  =======
False  False  Faaaaaaaaaalse
True   False  False
False  True   False
True   True   True
=====  =====  =======

Conclusion: It is more convenient to use csv-table


-Introduction to python-sphinx reStructuredText -How to use csv-table

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