[PYTHON] Error resolution when installing numba on macOS


I'm installing LLVM with Homebrew.

numba installation error list

llvm-config path

RuntimeError: llvm-config failed executing, please point LLVM_CONFIG to the path for llvm-config

Error Summary: Failed to run llvm-config. Set the path to LLVM_CONFIG.

When installing LLVM, an executable file called "llvm-config" is installed, so you can set the path to the environment variable LLVM_CONFIG.

Set environment variables with the following command before installing numba with pip3 etc. (Set the path of each llvm-config to LLVM_CONFIG)

export LLVM_CONFIG=/usr/local/Cellar/llvm@9/9.0.1_2/bin/llvm-config

My llvm-config was the following path.


If the path is unknown

If you installed LLVM with brew, an alias was created in usr / local / opt /, so follow it from there (Finder> Go> You can see the root directory on your computer. Find out how to display hidden folders yourself. Please give me).

If you find what you are looking for, right-click and press the Option key and you will see the item "Copy pathname for" llvm-config "" that you can click to copy.

LLVM version difference

RuntimeError: Building llvmlite requires LLVM 10.0.x or 9.0.x, got '11.0.0'. Be sure to set LLVM_CONFIG to the right executable path.
  Read the documentation at http://llvmlite.pydata.org/ for more information about building llvmlite.

Error Summary: The llvmlite build requires LLVM 10.0.x or LLVM 9.0.x but found 11.0.0. Set LLVM_CONFIG to the correct executable path.

If you do brew install llvm when installing LLVM with brew, the latest version will be installed. As of November 2020, LLVM 11.0.0 was installed. When installing a package with brew, you can specify the version with @ (at sign), so install version 9 LLVM with brew install llvm @ 9. (As of November 2020, there is no llvm @ 10 for some reason)

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