Compare HTTP GET / POST with cURL (command) and Python (programming)

HTTP GET/POST Get HTTP GET information from the server. Returns a JSON file etc. HTTP POST sends information to the server. Nothing in particular returns (success, failure may be returned)

cURL and python

For those who can use HTTP GET / POST with cURL (command) but don't know how to put it into programming (Python). Python uses the Python3 urllib library.

HTTP GET Multiple headers have also been added. "-H" is the cURL header.

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: form"
from urllib.parse import urlencode
from urllib.request import urlopen, Request

url = ""

headers = {
    "accept" :"application/json",
    "Content-Type" :"application/x-www-form-urlencoded"

request= Request(url, headers=headers)

with urlopen(request) as response:


Multiple data have been added. This data is sent to the server. "-D" is the cURL data.

curl -X POST "" -H "accept: application/json" -d "temperature=18" -d "operation_mode=auto"
from urllib.parse import urlencode
from urllib.request import urlopen, Request

url = ""

headers = {
    "accept" :"application/json"

request = Request(url, headers=headers)

data = {
    "temperature": "18",
    "operation_mode": "auto",

data = urlencode(data).encode("utf-8")

response = urlopen(request, data)


I don't know the details of HTTP GET / POST, so I kept it to a minimum, but I think the coat itself is correct. Find out more about HTTP GET / POST elsewhere. I think that it will come out if you use API etc.

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