How to execute a schedule by specifying the Python time zone and execution frequency

There are many explanations that it is executed at a specified time or at a specified interval, I couldn't find a case to specify the time zone and execution frequency at the same time, so I implemented it by the following method. I would appreciate it if you could teach me if there is a better way.

import datetime
import time
import schedule

#Start job def startJob():

Job registration performed every 10 minutes

    print('startJob:' + str(

Main process you actually want to execute

def runJob():
    print('runJob:' + str(

End job

def endJob():
    print('endJob:' + str(
    for jobV in
        if 'runJob()' in str(jobV):

Delete the main processing job


Define jobs to start and jobs to end


while True:

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