[Python / Jupyter] Translate the comment of the program copied to the clipboard and insert it in a new cell


When reading a document in a library that does not have a Japanese translation, you may have a hard time interpreting it. If you can't read English fluently, I think that it is often translated by the function of the browser, but it is troublesome that even the program part is translated even though only comments are required.

So, translate only the comment part for Jupyter Notebook, I wanted to take advantage of the syntax highlighting feature anyway, so I wrote a very simple code to paste into a new cell.


from googletrans import Translator
import re
import pyautogui
import pyperclip as ppc
translator = Translator()

pyautogui.hotkey('b', 'enter')
code = ppc.paste()
en = re.findall("#\s*(.+?)\n", code)
ja = [translator.translate(e, dest="ja").text for e in en]
for e, j in zip(en, ja):
    code = code.replace(e, j)
pyautogui.hotkey('ctrl', 'v')

State of use

Original code
[What is PyRPL?](https://pyrpl.readthedocs.io/en/latest/)
# import pyrpl library
import pyrpl

# create an interface to the Red Pitaya
r = pyrpl.Pyrpl().redpitaya

r.hk.led = 0b10101010  # change led pattern

# measure a few signal values
print("Voltage at analog input1: %.3f" % r.sampler.in1)
print("Voltage at analog output2: %.3f" % r.sampler.out2)
print("Voltage at the digital filter's output: %.3f" % r.sampler.iir)

# output a function U(t) = 0.5 V * sin(2 pi * 10 MHz * t) to output2

# demodulate the output signal from the arbitrary signal generator
r.iq0.setup(input='asg0',   # demodulate the signal from asg0
            frequency=10e6,  # demodulaltion at 10 MHz
            bandwidth=1e5)  # demodulation bandwidth of 100 kHz

# set up a PID controller on the demodulated signal and add result to out2
             output_direct='out2',  # add pid signal to output 2
             setpoint=0.05, # pid setpoint of 50 mV
             p=0.1,  # proportional gain factor of 0.1
             i=100,  # integrator unity-gain-frequency of 100 Hz
             input_filter = [3e3, 10e3])  # add 2 low-passes (3 and 10 kHz)

# modify some parameters in real-time
r.iq0.frequency += 2.3  # add 2.3 Hz to demodulation frequency
r.pid0.i *= 2  # double the integrator unity-gain-frequency

# take oscilloscope traces of the demodulated and pid signal
data = r.scope.curve(input1='iq0', input2='pid0',
                     duration=1.0, trigger_source='immediately')
When you execute the cell of ╩╗In [2]`, the cell below it is automatically generated. ![image.png](https://qiita-image-store.s3.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/0/501281/73a5d60f-8e6f-0792-525b-33b691dda40a.png)

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