[PYTHON] Speaking Japanese with OpenJtalk (reading a text file)

I modified this program to read a text file aloud. Japanese utterances on OpenJtalk



#! /usr/bin/python
#	kusamakura01.py
#						Nov/01/2020
# --------------------------------------------------------------------
import subprocess
import sys
# --------------------------------------------------------------------
def jtalk_proc(tt):
	sys.stderr.write("*** wav is created ***\n")
	args = ['aplay','-q','open_jtalk.wav']
# --------------------------------------------------------------------
file_in = sys.argv[1]
fp_in = open(file_in,encoding='utf-8')
lines = fp_in.readlines()
count = 0
line_out = ""
for line in lines:
	if 5 < count:
	line_out += line[:-1]
	line_out += "  " 
	line_out += "  " 
	line_out += "  " 
	count += 1
# --------------------------------------------------------------------

Input data


Natsume Soseki

While climbing Yamamichi, I thought like this.
If you work later If you let it go well, it will be washed away. It's a stubborn thing. Anyway, the human world is hard to live in.
When it becomes difficult to live, I want to move to a cheap place. When I find it difficult to live wherever I go, poetry is born and I can do it.

Execution method

./kusamakura01.py in01.txt

If you do the same with bash

perl -pe 's/\n/  /g' < in01.txt > tmp01.txt
open_jtalk \
        -x /var/lib/mecab/dic/open-jtalk/naist-jdic \
        -m /usr/share/hts-voice/mei/mei_normal.htsvoice \
        -r 1.0 \
        -ow ./out01.wav \
aplay out01.wav

How to not create a wav file

perl -pe 's/\n/  /g' < in01.txt  \
 | open_jtalk \
	-x /var/lib/mecab/dic/open-jtalk/naist-jdic \
	-m /usr/share/hts-voice/mei/mei_normal.htsvoice \
	-r 1.0 \
	-ow /dev/stdout | aplay --quiet

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