[Linux] A story about mounting a NAS through a firewall using NFS

I learned from Linux, so I will leave it. The work started with the words, "Finally this. Thank you for working next week." .. .. In order to meet the desire to mount a NAS over the FW, I touched Linux for the first time in business.


OS:Ubuntu 18.04 NFS v4 Make a hole in TCP 2049 for mounting with NFS in FW Make sure your NAS supports NFS


Install the NFS client first


$ sudo apt upgrade \\\Package update
$ sudo apt install nfs-common \\\NFS client installation
$ rpcinfo -p \\\There is no problem if there is 4 in the vers column

Mount settings


$ mkdir /mnt/nfs/test \\\Creating a mount point
$ vi /etc/fstab \\\Open with vi command to edit mount config file

Open it with the vi command and add the following line
IP address of NAS:/NAS shared directory/ /mnt/nfs/test nfs rw,user,auto 0 0

IP address of NAS:/shared directory of NAS// mnt/nfs/test nfs rw, user, auto 0 0 This line specifies mount options and file systems. nfs: File system specification rw: readable and writable user: Can be mounted by a general user auto: mount -a to allow mounting 0 0: Do not back up the file system and do not check the file system with the fsck command

If you can execute so far, mount it


$ sudo mount -a \\\Execute mount command
$ mount \\\If you execute it without options, the currently mounted one will be output.
/etc/If the line described in fstab is output, it is successful.

Actually create an empty file under the mount point


$ touch test \\\Creating an empty text file

After executing so far, check the shared directory of the NAS and succeed if the test file is created


I haven't had a chance to touch Linux since I got LPIC level 1, so it was a good stimulus. I feel that I was able to make good use of my knowledge by acquiring the qualification.

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