Linux Web server construction (Ubuntu & Apache)

I installed Linux (Ubuntu 20.04.1) in Windows using virtualbox and tried to build a file server, so next I tried to build a web server. It is a memo of.

File server construction ↓

Firewall installation

$ sudo apt install ufw

First, install it.

Firewall settings

Next, set the firewall.

$ sudo ufw allow 22
$ sudo ufw allow 80

All connections on port +22 and port +80 are allowed. 22 allows ssh 80 is for http permission. Used by apache

$ sudo ufw allow samba

Click here to check the status such as permitted items ↓ You can see it in the list.

$ sudo ufw status

Apache installation

Install Apache.

$ sudo apt install apache2

Try to access the page

If the installation is successful, you should be able to access it from your browser.

$ hostname

Check the server name.

You can open a browser and access the default page with "http: // (hostname)". Enter the value confirmed by hostname in (server name).

The page that Apache displays is like "/ var / www / html /". It seems to be called the document root

Add and access files yourself

$ cd /var/www/html
$ vim hello.html

First, cd to the document root. Open vim and create a new file.

In your browser, enter http: // (hostname) /hello.html. You can now access the page you created! !!

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