Replace the directory name and the file name in the directory together with a Linux command.

The problem you want to solve

There are multiple texts with the name Hoge in the directory Hoge. Here, I want to replace both the directory name and the file name with hoge.

Description of the replace command

find `pwd` -name "*Hoge*" -print | perl -nle 'rename $_, s|Hoge|hoge|r'

Until print

At this point, a list of target directories and files will appear. I don't use -print0 because I want perl to process each line.

% find `pwd` -name "*Hoge*" -print                                                 

perl part

s|Hoge|hoge|r'ofrIs the default variable$_Option to replace and return as a scalar value. The feature is that the original character string replaced is not changed.


State before conversion

% tree                                                                             
└── Hoge
    ├── Hoge1.txt
    ├── Hoge2.txt
    └── Hoge3.txt

Hit the conversion command twice

% find `pwd` -name "*Hoge*" -print | perl -nle 'rename $_, s|Hoge|hoge|r'
% find `pwd` -name "*Hoge*" -print | perl -nle 'rename $_, s|Hoge|hoge|r'

State after conversion

% tree                                                                             
└── hoge
    ├── hoge1.txt
    ├── hoge2.txt
    └── hoge3.txt

that's all

Further challenges

I couldn't overwrite the old directory name in one go, so I ended up hitting the command twice. To be honest, it's annoying. If you have a smarter solution, please let me know: bow:

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