Get video file information with ffmpeg-python

How to get video information in a dictionary for each stream using ffmpeg-python. Install ffmpeg and ffmpeg-python in advance.

import sys
from pprint import pprint
import ffmpeg

in_filename = sys.argv[1]
probe = ffmpeg.probe(in_filename)
for stream in probe['streams']:
    print('stream {0}: {1}'.format(stream['index'],stream['codec_type']))
    pprint(stream) #Python3.8 to sort_dicts=False can be used

Execution result

$ python "sample.mp4"
 stream 0: video
 {'avg_frame_rate': '30000/1001',
  'chroma_location': 'left',
  'codec_long_name': 'MPEG-2 video',
  'width': 1440}

 stream 1: audio
 {'avg_frame_rate': '0/0',
  'bit_rate': '255750',
  'bits_per_sample': 0,
  'channel_layout': 'stereo',
  'time_base': '1/90000'}

 stream 2: subtitle
 {'avg_frame_rate': '0/0',
  'codec_long_name': 'ARIB STD-B24 caption',
  'codec_name': 'arib_caption',
 'time_base': '1/90000'}

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