[PYTHON] A note that you want to manually decorate the parameters passed in the Django template form item by item

Python 3.8.5 Django version 3.1.2


/formtest/formman$ tree
├── admin.py
├── apps.py
├── forms.py ★ I made it.
├── __init__.py
├── migrations
│   ├── 0001_initial.py
│   ├── 0002_auto_20201119_1155.py
│   └── __init__.py
├── models.py ★ I wrote
├── templates ★ Made
│   ├── base.html
│   └── formman
│       └── form.html
├── tests.py
└── views.py ★ I wrote

3 directories, 12 files

If you read Django's tutorials and references It says that Django's View will display the form item in the Template if you write it for the following.

            {{ form.as_p }}

I write like this. image.png

When I actually run server and look at the HTML source, it looks like this.

image.png That means that the following part corresponds to form.as_p.

<p><label for="id_id">ID:</label> <input type="number" name="id" required id="id_id"></p>
<p><label for="id_name">Name:</label> <input type="text" name="name" maxlength="100" required id="id_name"></p>
<p><label for="id_number">value:</label> <input type="number" name="number" required id="id_number"></p>

If you rewrite form.as_p as follows ...

            {{ form.id.label }}
            {{ form.name.label }}
            {{ form.number.label }}

            {{ form.id }}
            {{ form.name }}
            {{ form.number }}

Oh. It went well. image.png

It seems that you can decorate each item with this.

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