[PYTHON] Use gitlabApi to add members to multiple groups in gitlab at once


It's hard to manually add a gitlab group every time a new person comes in


I created a program using the GitLab API. Based on the following, it is set in Lambda and made into API.

Process flow

--Valid input values (user: username and level: permissions) --Get user information using usersAPI --Add the ID included in the user information to the target group list

We are doing validation in some places, so please refer to it.


# coding: utf-8
import json, requests, re
import inspect

private_token = '[Please issue from the management screen of gitlab]'
url_prefix = 'https://[your_gitlab_domain]/api/v4/'

def main(params):
  success_group_list = {}
    user_info = get_user_info(params['user'])
    success_group_list = add_group(user_info[0]['id'], params['level'])
  except AddGitLabException as e:
    info = e.get_info()
    return {'body': info['body'], 'code': info['code'], 'function': info['function']}
  return {
    'code': 200,
    'body': 'Success:' + str(success_group_list)

#need to check
def check_empty(params):
  if 'user' not in params or len(params['user']) == 0 or 'level' not in params or len(params['level']) == 0:
    raise AddGitLabException('Input require parameter.', 400, inspect.currentframe().f_code.co_name)

#Get user information
def get_user_info(username):
  url = url_prefix + 'users?active=true&username=' + username
  headers = {'Private-Token': private_token}
  response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)

  if response.status_code != 200 and response.status_code != 201:
    raise AddGitLabException(response.content, response.status_code, inspect.currentframe().f_code.co_name)
  user_info = json.loads(response.content)
  if user_info[0:1] == False:
    #Error if the target user does not exist
    raise AddGitLabException('Nothing user.', 404, inspect.currentframe().f_code.co_name)
  return user_info

#Add target members to the group
def add_group(user_id, level):
  success_group = []
  for group_info in target_group_list():
    for group_name, group_id in group_info.items():
      url = url_prefix + 'groups/' + str(group_id) + '/members'
      headers = {'Private-Token': private_token}
      response = requests.post(url, headers=headers, data={'user_id': user_id, 'access_level': level})
      # 200/201:Successful registration, 409:Not thrown as an exception because it is already registered
      if response.status_code != 200 and response.status_code != 201 and response.status_code != 409:
        raise AddGitLabException(response.content, response.status_code, inspect.currentframe().f_code.co_name + ' group_id:' + str(group_id))
      success_group.append(group_name + ':' + str(response.status_code))
  return success_group

#Get the target group
def target_group_list():
  return [
    {'[group_name1]' : [group_id1]},
    {'[group_name2]' : [group_id2]}

#Dedicated exception class
class AddGitLabException(Exception):
  def __init__(self, body, code, function):
    self.body = body
    self.code = code
    self.function = function

  def get_info(self):
    return {'body':self.body,'code':self.code, 'function': self.function}

print(main({'user':'test_user', 'level':'30'}))

The group ID is obtained manually by API (see below).

gitlabAPI v4 groups

For group_id, I used the groups API to get the group_id and did my best to list it (since I made a list once, I don't have to change much after that). I would like to know if there is a good way to narrow down to a specific group without trying hard to list it.

When gitlabApi is v3

If you're still working with older gitlab, you may only have v3 enabled.

There is a document below, so please try to rearrange it for reference.


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