Looking back on Python 2020 around me

Looking back on Python 2020 around me

I've been in Python for 4 years, and I'm always an IoT shop affiliated with a manufacturer. Let's talk a bit about Python 2020 around me.

Python around me until 2020

From 2017 to 2018, 9 years, R & D and associated PoC (proof of concept) Data collection with IoT devices and image related by camera control, I used python for analysis processing on the cloud such as AWS (laughs). Most of them are python programs that specialize in each research subject. So-called gorigori coding (maybe only the person who wrote it knows?). I feel that I should operate normally and achieve the purpose.

Python was only temporarily used by researchers and engineers to achieve their goals.

Python around me 2020

However, the situation has gradually changed this year (2020). It's been a year since I realized that Python is starting to be used in practical situations. For example ・ Web application using batch processing and Diango, Flask in information provision system Easy-to-read visualization of information using Dash etc.! ・ Rapid increase in data linkage with IoT devices: Asynchronous processing is becoming easier to use! (The appearance of easy-to-use hardware is also a factor) ・ Utilization on API server etc.

They are, ・ The number of people with Python experience has increased (especially young people) ・ Further demand for information visualization (data analysis at the site & rotation of the next action from the results) Although it is expanding the use for things like In addition, in terms of Python, ・ It is not development at the individual level, but development on a certain scale & development support such as rule setting and type hints for that. Is becoming more fulfilling. (Of course, editors, etc.) ・ Expansion of libraries and communication libraries that show information Etc. may be boosting I think.

And 2021

What is the situation in Python in 2021? It's a time when the budget is tight due to the corona, but even with wisdom. I think the further expansion of the above-mentioned movement in 2020 has stopped.

Well then!

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