How to write a Python class


While studying python, I couldn't catch up with how to write a class at once, so I output it and fix it.

Classes and instances

--Class: A recipe for creating "things" in programming

--Instance: "Things" generated based on the recipe

How to declare a class

To work with a class, you need to declare it.

#Class declaration
class SampleClass():

How to use the class

Functions can be defined in the class. A function defined in a class is called a ** method **.

The method definition method is the same as a normal function, but self is used as the first argument.

#Class declaration
class SampleClass():
    def hello(self):
        print("Hello World!")

Instance variable generation

Various information can be defined in the instance. Let's take an example of an item that is likely to be sold at a greengrocer. The following program outputs the name of the home appliance. You can use instance variables by setting "instance.instance variable name".

#Class declaration
class YaoyaItem():
    def vegetable(self):

#Assign the value of YaoyaItem class
yaoyaitem1 = YaoyaItem()
#Added information that the name of yaoyaitem1 is "radish" = "Radish"

#Call the method defined in the class

The vegetable method is called and the following result is obtained


When the method has arguments

If the method has arguments, write the argument names after the second argument.

#Class declaration
class YaoyaItem():
    def payment(self,count):
        #Set the total amount in the return value
        return total_price = self.price * count

#Assign the value of YaoyaItem class
yaoyaitem1 = YaoyaItem() = "Apple"
yaoyaitem1.price = 50

#Substitute 4 for count of the second argument
result = yaoyaitem1.payment(4)
print("I bought 4 pieces. total"+str(result)+It's a yen)

The result is displayed as below.

I bought 4 apples. 200 yen in total


I wrote it for the time being, but I wonder if it has taken root a little.

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