[LINUX] Process the contents of the file in order with a shell script

[1. What you want to do](#What you want to do) [2. Code introduction](# Code introduction) [3. Execution example](# Execution example)

Thing you want to do

The contents of the file are acquired and processed in order from the top. In this article, I will introduce a shell script of a loop statement that acquires the contents of the name data (name.txt) in the file from above, assigns a serial number, and converts it to csv (name.csv).

Code introduction

** Current folder status **

State before execution

$ cat name.txt
Taro Suzuki
Jiro Suzuki
Noriko Yamada
Junko Nishida



cat name.txt | while read data
	echo ${cnt},${data} >> name.csv
	#Increment of cnt variable
	cnt=`expr ${cnt} + 1`

Execution example

main.run sh

sh main.sh

Post-execution status

$ cat name.csv
1,Taro Suzuki
2,Jiro Suzuki
3,Noriko Yamada
4,Junko Nishida

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