[PYTHON] Introduction of trac (Windows + trac 1.0.10)

Put it on Windows 32bit.


  1. Install python 2.x ... Download and run Python 2.7.11 Windows 32bit from https://www.python.org/downloads/. It is convenient to add it to path with just for me. Launch a command prompt and python --version responds with Python 2.7.11.
  2. Set up a proxy for pip. set HTTPS_PROXY = http: // username: password @ hostname: port
  3. Run pip install trac. It also installs the dependent setuptools and genshi. Also include babel, pytz, pygments.

Start with tracd

  1. Create a project directory. C: \ projects
  2. cd / d C: \ projects and run trac-admin myproject initenv and follow the wizard to initialize
  3. Create a file named htpasswd with the content admin: $ apr1 $ nMK8buQS $ XHSkfP45PEnpFQIxDxn / 70. Or ```admin: {SHA} 0DPiKuNIrrVmD8IUCuw1hQxNqZc sequentially`
  4. trac-admin / projects / myproject permission add admin TRAC_ADMIN
  5. tracd --env-parent-dir C: \ projects --basic-auth = "*, / projects / myproject / conf / htpasswd, TRAC"
  6. Click login in the upper right corner and log in as admin: admin

Launch from Eclipse Pydev

  1. Install the JDK
  2. Download and unzip Eclipse
  3. Back up the configuration as configuration.org
  4. Start Eclipse. Specify \ workspace
  5. Search for python in the Eclipse Marketplace and install pydev
  6. Create a pydev project trac with Ctrl-N. Specify Python Interpreter on the way. You can proceed with Quick Auto Config
  7. Copy Scripts \ tracd-script.py into the Eclipse workspace and register with run as --Python run. I get an error, so stop.
  8. In the run configuration, add the following to the arguments:
--env-parent-dir ${project_loc:trac}/projects

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