Linux, conda, ssh, git related personal notes

Linux, conda, ssh, git related personal notes

My lack of knowledge was revealed in every medium because I was too technically weak. I have summarized each basic command that I investigated. It's basically a substitute for my memo, so there is no detailed explanation. We will add it from time to time.

ssh related

How to start ssh
$ ssh [username]@[ip address]

The IP address is 172.16.

Linux related

Move directory
$cd directory name
Back to previous directory
$ cd ..
View files in a directory
$ ls
File deletion
$rm file name
Directory deletion
$ rm -r directory name

If you can easily delete the directory, it's bad, so you may need a special command

Directory creation
$mkdir directory name

conda related

In the command of conda, the condition of -e or -n may be added, but this is an abbreviation. You can write both --env and --name respectively.

conda environment check
$ conda info -e
conda environment creation
$ conda create -n Environment name
Conda environment deleted
$ conda remove -n Environment name-all
start conda environment
$conda activate environment name
conda environment close
$ conda deactivate
Library installation
$pip install library name

You can specify the version by putting == after the library name For example, like this

$ pip install pandas==0.19.2

git related

Clone git
$  git clone name(?).git


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