[PYTHON] Image diet app "little wings" has been released !!


Everyone use it! !! \ (^ O ^) /

It's New Year's Eve, but I'm developing a web application. I released it with much effort, but no one will use it and I'm going to cry, so let me introduce it if there is a PR ... w


12/20 Inspiration 12/28 v0.1 released 12/31 v0.4 released

Background to production

The performance of recent smartphone camera images has improved, so it's natural that it's 4K size, and when you take a picture of a landscape or something like that, you usually get one ** 5MB **.

So I used to use a service called ** kraken.io **, which halves the size of images just by D & D on the Web. Even if you zoom in 300% on the image and compare it, you can't really tell, but the file size is half !! It's a great technology, isn't it?

However, because it is a freemium type service, there are quite a few restrictions if you do not charge.

1.1 Up to 1 file ** 2MB ** 2. No zip or compressed files

If you have any complaints, make it yourself

Fortunately, I had a ** god-made machine ** called Raspberry Pi, so I'll give it to my mother ship more than ** kraken.io ** !!

Implemented function

  1. Full of limits and full of dreams (up to 100MB per file)
  2. Being able to D & D multiple files
  3. Keep throwing OK (drag and forget)

App overview

--Front - bootstrap 5 - js + axios --Server --Raspberry Pi 4 8GB - nginx -PHP (API gateway) -python (image optimization, file compression / decompression)


--Upper limit 100MB --Thrown with zip --Saba is next to my futon (Raspberry Pi 4)


――Since I haven't written a test, it's very painful when there is a bug (naturally) --Since I don't use the js framework, the state transitions are all manual and the headache hurts (migraine)

We look forward to your continued support in 2021.


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