Python conda on cygwin

I tried to set it referring to the following article, but it didn't work so I adjusted it.

Many people who are doing machine learning are not accustomed to this kind of thing. .. ..

NG pattern setting and response in Cygwin

cygwin64/home/User name/.bashrc

export PATH=\$ANA_PATH:\$ANA_PATH/Library/bin:\$ANA_PATH/Scripts:$PATH
$ conda
command not found

$ python
-bash: /cygdrive/c/Users/User name/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WidowsApps/python Permission denied

$ which python
no python in (abridgement)

OK pattern setting

1st line: Adjust the installation position 2nd line: No need to escape with backslash

cygwin64/home/User name/.bashrc

ANA_PATH=/cygdrive/c/Users/User name/anaconda3
export PATH=$ANA_PATH:$ANA_PATH/Library/bin:$ANA_PATH/Scripts:$PATH

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