[PYTHON] Learn with Pixel 4 camera Depth map-4 (pre-process final)


This article cuts out only the Code part handled in the article serialized in Note. If you are interested in the technical background, please refer to the Note article. This is the final episode of the pre-processing part. Now that we have prepared with Dark shading correction and Image correction process, we will integrate them to complete the Pre-process part.

Enum definition

Define the value to be used as the Global constant first. The purpose is to collect image size and project folder related information in one place for easy management.


class ProjectFolder(Enum):
    """ Define project folders
     project top folder
     folder of dark shading
     folder for pgm, the folder should include left and right raw image data
     folder for saving JPEG images
      folder for saving disparity images as a result of depth estimation
    TOP = #Project's top-level absolute path
    DARK = 'dark/'
    PGM = 'pgm/'
    JPG = 'jpg/'
    DISPARITY = 'disparity/'

class ImageSize(Enum):
    """ Define image size
     image width
     image height
    HEIGHT = 1512
    WIDTH = 2016

Main function definition

Everything is ready. Now let's define the Main function.


import parameters
import dark
import dualpixel
import helper
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # path setting
    DARK_PATH = parameters.ProjectFolder.TOP.value + parameters.ProjectFolder.DARK.value
    PGM_PATH = parameters.ProjectFolder.TOP.value + parameters.ProjectFolder.PGM.value
    JPG_PATH = parameters.ProjectFolder.TOP.value + parameters.ProjectFolder.JPG.value

    # image size setting
    width = int(parameters.ImageSize.WIDTH.value)
    height = int(parameters.ImageSize.HEIGHT.value)

    # initialize dark image
    print('--- Start dark shading correction ---')
    dk_sh = dark.Dark(DARK_PATH, 'pgm', dsize=(width, height))
    # calculate gain map for dark shading correction
    # left_gain_map     :use this map to correct left-PD image
    # right_gain_map    :use this map to correct right-PD image
    left_gain_map, right_gain_map = dk_sh.get_gain_map(kernal_size=32, analog_gain=[0.6, 0.6, 0.6], \
        left_offset=(0, 150), right_offset=(-80, 150))

    # initialize dualpd class
    print('--- Start raw data cooking ---')
    dualpd = dualpixel.DualPixel(PGM_PATH, 'pgm', dsize=(width, height))

    # set left and right gain map
    dualpd.set_dksh_gain_map(left_gain_map, left=True)
    dualpd.set_dksh_gain_map(right_gain_map, left=False)

    # run process
    raw_data_file_list, proc_imgs = dualpd.run_process(bi_kernel_size=5, bi_disp=75, \
        unsharp_sigma=2, eq_grid_size=2, eq_sigma=32, eq_mean_value=128)

    # write images
    print('--- Outputing the processed images to folder ---')
    helper.write_img_to_path(JPG_PATH, raw_data_file_list, proc_imgs)

    print('--- Finished !! ---')

All you have to do is arrange the definitions defined so far in the order of processing.

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