[GO] Get YouTube Comments in Python

Use YouTube's API to get comments on videos. I will omit the YouTube API.



import requests
import json

URL = 'https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/'
#Enter API KEY here

def print_video_comment(video_id, next_page_token):
  params = {
    'key': API_KEY,
    'part': 'snippet',
    'videoId': video_id,
    'order': 'relevance',
    'textFormat': 'plaintext',
    'maxResults': 100,
  if next_page_token is not None:
    params['pageToken'] = next_page_token
  response = requests.get(URL + 'commentThreads', params=params)
  resource = response.json()

  for comment_info in resource['items']:
    text = comment_info['snippet']['topLevelComment']['snippet']['textDisplay']
    #Good number
    like_cnt = comment_info['snippet']['topLevelComment']['snippet']['likeCount']
    #Number of replies
    reply_cnt = comment_info['snippet']['totalReplyCount']

    print('{}\t{}\t{}'.format(text.replace('\n', ' '), like_cnt, reply_cnt))
  if 'nextPageToken' in resource:
    print_video_comment(video_id, resource["nextPageToken"])

#Enter your Video ID here
video_id = 'Enter Video ID'
print_video_comment(video_id, None)

Example of execution result

The official channel of the Japan Sumo Association "Iron Chef of Takasaki Master-Dewanoumi Stable Chanko-" will be as follows. .. I'm running on Google Colaboratory.

The output results are in the order of comments, good numbers, and replies.

スクリーンショット 2020-09-27 23.29.45.png


I referred to the following article. Thank you very much.

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