First Fabric (Python deployment tool)

I tried using Fabric, a Python deploy tool, so I will show you how to use it.


[Desktop] sudo easy_install fabric
Finished processing dependencies for fabric
[Desktop] fab -V                                                                                                     16:37:15
Fabric 1.10.2
Paramiko 1.16.0

Try local ()

Create in any directory

from fabric.api import local
def test():

The above statement means that if you run $ fab test in the directory where the created fabfile is located, it will run $ top in that directory. With this you can use it for multiple servers

run("cd /var/www/apps/your_app; git checkout master; git pull origin master")

You can do something like that.

About the run () command

The content itself is the same as local (), just that run is executed on a remote server.

SFTP transfer (put)

** About put **

--First argument: Local server (source) --Second argument: Remote server (destination) --Third argument and after: Specify access authority, execute authority, etc.



Notification to slack

fabric-slack-tool is the most decent library so far.

How to write a specific

If you search with Gist, you will find many Search · · GitHub


-Overview and Tutorial (Official Site) --Run commands on remote server using Fabric -[Fabric writing tips]( % 9F% E3% 81% 84) -Tips to help you use the Python deployment tool Fabric for the first time

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