[PYTHON] Create a new csv with pandas based on the local csv

Create a new csv with pandas based on the local csv

Suppose the following csv is local.



Based on this, create a new csv that satisfies the following.

Execution environment



import pandas as pd

id_list = []
age_list = []
name_list = []
money_list = []

read_csvfile = 'sample.csv'
def stack_data():
    global name_list
    global id_list
    global age_list 
    global money_list 

    #Read data from csv
    data = pd.read_csv(read_csvfile)
    #Store in each list
    for name in data['name']:
        name_list += [name]
    for i in data['id']:
        id_list += [i]
    for age in data['age']:
        age_list += [age]
    for money in data['money']:
        money_list += [money]

def generate_csv():
    #Substitute the acquired data in the data frame
    for i in range(len(name_list)):
        df = pd.DataFrame({
            'name': name_list[i],
            'age': age_list[i],
            'money': money_list[i],

        csv_title =  'personID=' + str(id_list[i]) + '.csv'

        #Generate csv based on data frame
        df.to_csv(csv_title, index=False)
        print(csv_title+'Was generated')
    print("All created")


Execution result

$ python3 gencsv.py
personID=111.csv was generated
personID=222.csv was generated
personID=333.csv was generated
personID=444.csv was generated
personID=555.csv was generated
personID=666.csv was generated
personID=777.csv was generated
All created

At the end

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