[LINUX] Command when ACPI shutdown does not work in VirtualBox

"Oh, I can't shut down as usual ...?"

Normally, when shutting down a VM, I just press ACPI shutdown to shut it down, but for some reason the newly added VM did not respond and could not be shut down. Make a note of the solution.


While logged in for the time being, enter the following command and press Enter. yum install acpid Various characters come out roughly, and "y / n" is asked, but enter "** y **" and press Enter.

When you're done, then type the following command and press Enter. service acpid start

When the process is finished, press "ACPI Shutdown" from the "Virtual Machine" menu on the upper left, and if the power is turned off safely, it will end! (At the end, unlike the usual screen, various logs will be displayed, but if "OK" is attached, you can ignore it)


What was the above work done in the first place? There may be a question, so supplement. (Please point out any mistakes) 【flow】 I installed acpid → started it. (The point is, it's like putting in a program that handles the power supply and giving an instruction to work!)

【word】 ・ Acpid Resident program that receives ACPI events and performs power-related work ・ ACPI One of the standards for power management of computers and hardware configuration management.

that's all!

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