[PYTHON] Beginners get Qiita tag information and visualize and consider the TOP10.


I would like to investigate the correlation between the number of articles and the number of followers in the Qiita tag ranking (TOP10) as of July 14, 2020.

Tag ranking as of July 14, 2020

Ranking tag Number of articles Number of followers
First place Python 43447 79118
2nd place JavaScript 35443 77167
3rd place Ruby 28098 42793
4th Rails 24287 29232
5th place PHP 20276 47787
6th place AWS 19735 8584
7th place iOS 16253 38170
8th place Java 15026 50361
9th place Docker 14948 7636
10th Swift 14702 7268


node v14.5.0 axios 0.19.2



const axios = require("axios");

async function main() {
  let response = await axios.get("https://qiita.com/api/v2/tags?page=1&per_page=20&sort=count");
    for (let i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
        console.log('tag: %s' ,response.data[i].id);
        console.log('Number of articles: %d' ,response.data[i].items_count);
        console.log('Number of followers: %d' ,response.data[i].followers_count);

Execution result

tag: Python
Number of articles: 43447
Number of followers: 79118

tag: JavaScript
Number of articles: 35443
Number of followers: 77167

tag: Ruby
Number of articles: 28098
Number of followers: 42793

tag: Rails
Number of articles: 24287
Number of followers: 29232

tag: PHP
Number of articles: 20274
Number of followers: 47787

tag: AWS
Number of articles: 19735
Number of followers: 8584

tag: iOS
Number of articles: 16253
Number of followers: 38170

tag: Java
Number of articles: 15206
Number of followers: 50361

tag: Docker
Number of articles: 14948
Number of followers: 7636

tag: Swift
Number of articles: 14701
Number of followers: 7268


I tried to output with csv, but I could not do it well with this try ... I copied it to a text document, replaced it with (comma), and deleted unnecessary parts.

Visualize with Jupyter Notebook

I made a chart with Jupyter Notebook, which I was studying until recently. Load the library and CSV and execute the code. image.png image.png


――What you can read from the graph this time is that Python and JavaScript are very popular. ――Is Python being used in fields such as AI and IoT and becoming more popular? I also started using Raspberry pi and became interested in Python. --There are many articles in Python for the number of followers, and many Python articles are easy to write? Also, looking at Java, the number of followers is large, but the number of articles is small, why? ??

from now on

――It seems that there are libraries called Chart.js and ECharts.js that can draw graphs in JavaScript, so I would like to visualize them next time. ――This time, it's just my consideration, but I'm delving into why these two are so popular.

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