After all, the story of returning from Linux to Windows

It is a continuation from the article of Last time. Also, the version of Xubuntu here refers to Xubuntu 18.04 LTS.

From Linux to Windows again

Last time I wrote that Windows 10 is tough because it has 4GB of memory, but I realized that the tablet as Windows was more convenient. I would like to give some reasons for this.

Behavior when the screen rotates

The behavior when rotating the screen with Xubuntu is the same as when I mentioned it as a problem last time, the user needs to solve it. I think that this problem can be solved if it takes time, but I didn't have much time, but I wanted to use it as a PC, so I ended up returning to Windows, which does not require much effort to set up. ~~ Although I'm dissatisfied with the operation, I still couldn't beat the advantage of Windows 10 which sets up automatically ~~

Battery life

In terms of battery, I think Xubuntu is a lot worse than it was with Windows (although Xubuntu also lasts about twice as long as it does with Linux Mint 19.1 MATE). I think that you can use it for a long time if you set it properly, but when you put it to sleep, Windows has 10 hours of experience, while Xubuntu has only about 4 hours. I often use tablets in college, but this was a significant disadvantage given the ease with which I forget to turn it off and leave it in sleep. ~~ It is also said that management is simply loose ~~

Touch panel behavior

Surprisingly, the touch panel behavior of Windows 10 is quite excellent ~~ (just feels like) ~~, and I thought that it was a pretty win to be able to use it properly as a tablet even if the keyboard dock was removed. With Xubuntu, when I swiped to scroll the page, I felt that it was fatal for a tablet to select characters.

After all

The main reason is that I couldn't get a lot of time due to various reasons, which made it difficult to set up as a Linux tablet. It is true that Linux is better for using resources (however, the desktop environment depends on the CPU), but Windows has few items that can be set ~~ Once installed, it is a strength that it can be used as a computer. And I think. ~~ But I think it's too much to come up with various things without permission ~~


I feel that I was reminded in this case that Linux will not enjoy the benefits of honesty unless it can solve the problem of behavior around the battery and touch panel. But Linux itself is not bad. I think it will be comfortable if you can set it ... ~~ And Windows is a little more optimized for tablets ~~

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