[LINUX] · Address already in use solution


When I started the server while learning PHP ... Since it came out as follows, I will summarize the remedy It may be difficult to write and read for the first time, but I hope it helps someone.

[vagrant@localhost]$ php -S
Failed to listen on (reason: Address already in use)


I closed the putty terminal to turn off the PHP server, The server is in use and has an error at startup

Even after solving it, if you do this, it will be quite troublesome to type commands, so We strongly recommend that you turn off the server before closing it.


#Log in as root user to check the process
//If you have trouble logging in as root, please add sudo when you type the command.
[vagrant@localhost ~]$ ps -a

#If you know the port, check below
[vagrant@localhost ~]$ lsof -i:8000

#If you can't lsof, install below
[vagrant@localhost ~]$ yum -y install lsof

#When you type the above command, the running server information including PID will be displayed as shown below.
php      10721  vagrant  3u   IPv4  20710     0t0    TCP (LISTEN)

#kill (PID number)Enter to end the process
[vagrant@localhost ~]$ kill 10721

#It will start when you type the command again
[vagrant@localhost ~]$ php -S 
PHP 5.6.40 Development Server started at Mon Jan  6 12:21:24 2020 Listening on

#If killing does not help, kill-9 (PID number)Please forcibly terminate with
[vagrant@localhost ~]$ kill -9 10721 

in conclusion

This time I wrote about the kill </ font> command, but if you want to know more Click on the kill letter for more information If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate it if you could comment! !! Thank you for reading to the end

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