[LINUX] Write this in the ttl file for the time being for automatic SSH login with Teraterm

If it is troublesome to enter the user name and password that are asked when logging in to the Linux server with TeraTerm, it is easier to create an automatic login macro.

Below, I have placed the source for logging in with SSH, so after copying and pasting, write the username, hostname, and password respectively, and save it in the "ttl file" for use.

If you need a key or go through a proxy, you will need to edit it separately.

username = '' #Login user name
hostname = '' #Host name (often an IP address)
password = '' #Login password

msg = hostname
strconcat msg ':22 /ssh /2 /auth=password /user='
strconcat msg username
strconcat msg ' /passwd='
strconcat msg password
connect msg

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