[LINUX] What I thought and learned to study for 100 days at a programming school


I attended a programming school called Fjord Boot Camp and studied for 457 hours in 100 days. I would like to write about what I was able to do in 100 days and my impressions.

My premise

--Completely inexperienced in programming --I did progate before I entered school ――I've always liked computers, but I just surfed the internet and played games.

What I studied in 100 days

It's almost like this. I spent 55 days on Ruby, so I think the biggest progress is Ruby. I read the cherry book and made ls and wc commands. These two tasks were very difficult because I couldn't just move, and I couldn't get a pass without writing object-oriented and readable code. However, I think that I was able to grow by repeating the process of googled, writing code through trial and error, and having it reviewed.

What you can do in 100 days

--You can now copy any static page on any site! --You can now log in to Linux installed on Sakura VPS with ssh from your Mac using your public and private keys! --You can now distribute HTML on your domain with Nginx! --You can now build a name-based VirtualHost + SSL with nginx on Debian! ――You can now master Vim! --You can now use Git & GitHub! ――You can now make various things with Ruby!

What I thought

A mechanism is needed to continue (do not rely on the power of your own will)

I thought that a mechanism was indispensable to continue programming learning. It is dangerous to rely solely on the power of your will. The easiest way to create a mechanism is to participate in 100DaysOfCode. This allows you to cut off your retreat. Also, if you feel that self-study is difficult, you should go to a programming school. There are good schools that have been devised so that they can continue online.

The money you spend on studying is not stingy

I thought that the money spent on studying should never be stingy. Not to mention the cost of teaching materials, a keyboard of about 30,000 yen and an Aeron chair of about 100,000 yen will greatly reduce the stress of studying for a long time. (While saying that, I use a chair that does not go up to 20000. I want a chair for 100,000 yen ...) I can be happy if I have a high-end keyboard and a high-end Aeron chair, but I should definitely buy an external monitor. I think. Programming with just one macbook is very inefficient. Let's make it a dual display. Dual display improves work efficiency by 42%!

Fjord boot camp is very good

There are many programming schools, but I'm glad I entered the Fjord Boot Camp.

Good points of the fjord

--There is a system that can be continued online, such as daily reports, visualization of study time, and a system that grows grass. --High level of mentor --High level of curriculum --Cheap

I entered the fjord boot camp after seeing this article. Ideal and reality of programming school. And about the fjord boot camp

in conclusion

The amount of programming is enormous, and the more you learn, the more you don't understand, and you may be at a loss as to how ignorant you are. In such a case, you should look back and see your growth. I notice that I am moving forward and calm my mind. I thought so when I wrote this article. Next, I will write the results of 150 days.

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