What I stumbled upon when using CodeIgniter on a Linux server


I am developing using CodeIgniter, a PHP framework, in the environment of xampp, and I am about to upload it to a Linux server and proceed with development, and as soon as I upload it to a Linux server, it becomes difficult to connect even if I access the URL. I was annoyed for about an hour and finally solved it by the method in this article.

Follow the naming convention

The conclusion is to follow the naming convention !!

When I was developing in the xampp environment, the OS I was using was Windows. The part becomes important in the OS here. When I was developing in the xampp environment, I was developing with lowercase letters at the beginning of the file in the folders of controllers and models. However, the cause was that I was advancing the file here in lowercase. Yes, filenames start with a capital letter. (I should have read the official documentation properly) As I said earlier, the OS is important because Windows and Mac do not distinguish between case names, but Linux does.

Observe the naming convention !!

in conclusion

I hope there is a little more CodeIgniter Japanese site (laughs)


PHP Style Guide — CodeIgniter 3.2.0-dev Document

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