[LINUX] Web server construction commentary

Hi, I'm a pig guy. I will talk about the explanation of Web server construction that I posted yesterday. You can do it by copying the previous one, so this time I will write about the terms that appear.

1. What is Linux? It is an OS made by volunteers all over the world.

It's basically free, and one of the attractions is that you can freely play with the contents.

In addition, it moves quickly because it does not contain unnecessary items.

You will install what you need.

The type is called a distribution.

Let's take an example of a distribution.

・ CentOS

It may not be a typical distribution.

I remember having the number one share until recently.

In fact, as of December 2019, we are in 3rd place.

It looks like an OS with long-term support as its strength.

・ Ubuntu

No. 1 share as of December 2019.

The feature is that it is kind to beginners.

You can operate it with GUI from the beginning.

It seems that a firewall is also installed (so it was blocked last time ...).

It is an OS with abundant application and security measures.

-Arch Linux

Distribution for advanced users.

There was a person who used it even in my acquaintance.

It seems that almost nothing is included after installation.

・ Put everything on your own

・ Read English documents

The above ability is required.

There are more, but I will do this much.

2. What is a firewall? A defensive wall that protects the internal network from the outside.

You can control access by port number.

Not only from outside access, but also if a virus occurs inside

You can control the delivery to the outside by the port.

3. What is Apache? Software required to build a server.

It is often used and has a huge amount of information, so you can rest assured in case of trouble.

Nginx is popular these days.

Apache says "10,000 clients problem"

I had a problem with the server puncturing as the number of clients increased.

Software created to make up for Apache's weaknesses.

A web server that can handle a large amount of access.

(That's why it's often used these days)

4. What is the port number? The port number is a number for specifying which of multiple software running on the same computer communicates in TCP / IP, which is a protocol (communication protocol) that is standardly used on the Internet. Sometimes abbreviated simply as "port".

(See wikipedia)

I remember it took me a while to understand when I was a student.

There is a wall called a firewall between the server and

You have to specify a number called a port number to communicate.

(I'm sorry if it's hard to understand or wrong)

5. What is ssh? A protocol for communicating with the server. By encrypting the communication, it is possible to communicate securely.

6. Finally I personally intend to summarize it without digging too deeply.

Should I not know any more? I'm thinking

From now on, I'd like to be able to do security measures using my hobby Web server.

See you soon.

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