VirtualBox shared folder settings: Host-windows10: Guest-Linux Mint

I tried using visualbox to run linux on a Windows 10 laptop This time, make a note of the procedure for setting the shared folder between win-linux.

PC environment Host: Windows 10 Guest: Linux Mint Is.

The procedure performed is as follows.

host ① Create a new folder you want to share in any directory (2) Select the guest PC you want to share on VirtualBox and select Settings / Shared Folder. ③ Click the button like Add Folder on the right and enter the path and folder name of the folder created in ①.

④ Make sure that the items for automatic mounting and persistence are checked and OK.

The guests ① Click "Insert Guest Additions CD Image" in the figure below. スクリーンショット (1).png (It took me a long time to find this lol)

② Various windows will appear, but all are OK ③ When you restart, the icon will be displayed on the desktop.

If this is not shared ④ Enter the following in the guest terminal $ sudo gpasswd -a username vboxsf Perhaps it means that users who add to VirtualBox's shared folder will always have access to get data in and out.

After somehow rebooting, I could confirm the data sharing between the host and the guest.

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VirtualBox shared folder settings: Host-windows10: Guest-Linux Mint