[LINUX] Update introduction of "procs: new process display / search tool"


Just about a year ago, we released the initial version of "procs: New Process Display / Search Tool". After 54 releases, it was v0.9.0 yesterday. Since it is just right, I will introduce the contents of the update for the past year.


procs is an alternative process list display tool for the ps command. The main features are as follows.



Significant speedup of Linux version

This is something that I overlooked an unusually slow part rather than trying to speed it up. When I noticed it recently and fixed it, it was about 10 times faster. There is a difference in the level that you can experience, so if you are using an older version, please update to the latest version.

Compatible with macOS / Windows

In the initial release, it was only compatible with Linux, but it is also compatible with macOS and Windows. However, the number of columns that can be displayed is slightly smaller than that of the Linux version.

Various packages provided

It is now easy to install for several package managers.

Specific commands are summarized in here.

New column

Added various columns that do not exist in ps. The list is here. Personally, I often use the Docker container name display.


Pager support

Since the output is passed through the pager (default is less), it is easier to see by scrolling even on a narrow screen. When passing through a pipe, it is automatically disabled.

Periodic update mode

Added a mode that is updated regularly like the top command. It is updated every 10 seconds with procs -w 10. You can also change the columns to sort by keying.

Tree view

You can view process dependencies in a tree.


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