[LINUX] Uncle Lubuntu20.04 unstable install

Lubuntu20.04 unstable install.

Unexpectedly, I am surprised that there are many KDE tools. Kcal KDEconnectindicater By default, burning is K3b Software Center Discover Partition is also KDE's manager

The impression is that it is light and crispy and does not move badly. The operation of the panel seems to be a little quirky. Software installation etc. It's easier to drop synaptic from Discover and use it. There is no problem with DVD playback with vlc and a series of codecs. 01screen-.jpg It is 19.10 on the screen, but it is Lubuntu 20.04 unstable ver'. Click here for DL → 20.04 Focal PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE IMAGES COULD BE UNSTABLE!

Since it is unstable, there may be bugs and troubles. Use is at your own risk.

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Uncle Lubuntu20.04 unstable install