Ubuntu / Linux laptop WiFi issues

The beginning of that

I noticed that Wi-Fi is not available from the GUI settings of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The message "No Wi-Fi Adapter Found" or "No Wi-Fi Adapter Found" is displayed. Similarly, when I look at the Bluetooth column, I get a message that the Bluetooth device cannot be found. I had a wired connection for a while, so I didn't know when it happened.

It seems that a lot of similar troubles are occurring when I investigate, but it seems that this problem is troubled by the fact that there are multiple causes and the troubleshooting methods are quite diverse. In this post, I will give a command to confirm the cause and summarize what kind of recovery method should be done for each symptom. I hope it helps someone, and I'm happy to comment that this was the case in my environment.

trouble shooting

--Isn't it in AirPlane mode?

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