[LINUX] Ubuntu (18.04.3) Web server construction

Hi, I'm a pig guy. I had a PC with Ubuntu at home, but I didn't use it at all. We will build the server.

1. Update ``` $sudo apt update ```

First, we will update.

2. Install firewall

At this point, the firewall could not be installed. ``` $apt install ufw $sudo apt install ufw $sudo apt-get install uff ```

If the above does not work, check the firewall status with the following command. ``` $sudo ufw status Status:Inactive ```

Is the firewall installed? So

Try to enable it. ``` $sudo ufw enable The firewall is active and enabled at system startup. ```

Let's check the status. ``` $sudo ufw status Status:Active ```

This completes the firewall settings.

3. Open ssh port ``` $sudo ufw allow 22 ```

In this case, open port 22.

If successful ``` Added rules Added rules(v6) ``` You will see the notation


4. Open Apache port ``` $sudo ufw allow 80 ``` The explanation is the same as


5. Install Apache

If you get the following error ``` E:Lock~ ```

Delete the target file referring to the following



This is no good ...

Possibly there was a problem with the last shutdown,

Restart Ubuntu.

This worked ``` Do you want to continue? [Y/n] $ Y ``` This completes the Apache installation.

6. Confirmation

Let's check if the server is started.

If the initial Ubuntu page is displayed, it is successful.

First, check the IP address here

$Ip a

It's hard to understand, but it is displayed in the following place.


If you enter

IP address in the address bar ... スクリーンショット 2020-04-13 0.46.18.png

You're done here.

If you leave it as it is, it may be attacked, so stop Apache once. It's just for learning purposes.

(My acquaintance also self-taught and built a server and received some kind of attack.

Some security measures may be required)

$service apache2 stop

If it is not displayed, there should be no problem.

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