[LINUX] Try downloading AbemaTV or Nico Nama on node

Hello. long time no see.

I couldn't drop AbemaTV on Hatena before! I found a way! I wrote something like that, but I also write it on qiita because I have free time.

Roughly speaking, I use a node library called minyami! that's all!

** See Hatena for how to do things like Windows. ** ** https://ysok2135.hateblo.jp/entry/2020/01/04/022105

*** Currently, you can only download using this method **. (Our research)

Inject minyami

For the time being, I will insuko with npm as usual. (Global is recommended.)


npm install -g minyami

Put Chrome extension

This time the dimensions to get the hls link with the extension.


All you have to do is download it.

Open the Abema page and click the minyami mark. 20200104013519.png Select an appropriate resolution and copy. 20200104013516.png

Then paste it into the terminal as it is. 20200104013559.png

It will end pretty quickly. 20200104013546.png

Can you do it with your smartphone? ??

→ ** You can. ** **

◆ What you need ◆ ・ ** VPS ** (This is a cheat.) ・ JuiceSSH (Ssh terminal for Android. I don't know iOS. Gggrks) ・ KiwiBrowser (God browser that can use extensions on smartphones.) All you need is this.

It's quite convenient, isn't it? Please try! !!

【Caution】 Be sure to keep the downloaded file for personal use only. In addition, the downloaded file is copyrighted owned Person </ strong> Since the content of span> may be included, transfer and rental to others is [Copyright Law](http://d.hatena.ne.jp/keyword/%C3%F8%BA%EE%B8%A2 There is a risk of conflicting with% CB% A1). In addition, we cannot take any responsibility. Also, this method does not circumvent technical safeguards.

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