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I studied qualifications because I felt that knowledge of Linux OS was also necessary to proceed with learning cloud systems.

What is LinuC

This test was originally created by "LPI-Japan", a corporation that conducts Linux certification tests. "LinuC" is a test that applies the LPIC test to the Japanese market.

Currently, it is a test that follows LPIC as version 4.0, From 2020 to April 1st, version 10.0 will be released and the exam questions have been significantly revised.

Reference: [What is the new Linux test "LinuC"? Check it out if you have LPIC qualifications! ] (https://www.internetacademy.jp/it/server/linux/what_is_Japan-s_unique_linux_test__linuc__.html)

In addition, until March 31, 2021, you will be able to receive version 4.0, so I think it is better to get it with version 4.0, which has abundant countermeasure books. image.png

Reference: [Pearson VUE] (https://www.pearsonvue.co.jp/Clients/Linuc.aspx)

By the way, LPIC will be a more widely recognized qualification, You can still take the exam from Pearson.

And please note that "LPIC and LinuC will be different tests". For LPIC, this is the 5.0 version. Please refer to the learning materials based on that.

Reference: [Can I still take the LPIC exam in Japan? What happens to the qualifications I have already obtained? ] (https://cyber-x-cyber.net/shikaku/111/)

Passing score

101 Exam 720 points 102 Exam 640 points

Learning materials

No. Teaching material name Contents
1 Linux Textbook LPIC Level 1 Version4.0 correspondence It is commonly known as "Akamoto" that is also compatible with LinuC. The test range is covered. For LPIC, 5.0 version has been published.
2 Book 2nd edition where you can learn the basics of LPIC in a week(Thorough capture) For Linux beginners, Akamoto has a slightly higher hurdle. Therefore, it is the best teaching material as an introductory book. Please note that the 3rd edition is currently published.
3 Linux Textbook LPIC Level 1 Speed Master Questions Version4.0 correspondence This is a reference book that allows you to deepen your understanding while solving problems. I thought that this book would be enough to pass the exam ... This is also LPIC 5.0 version has been published.

Learning method

"Go around until you understand the problem collection"

In the case of Level 1, I think that you can pass just by solving the problem collection.

This is the No. 3 teaching material "Linux Textbook LPIC Level 1 Speed Master Questions".

If you are stressed because you cannot understand the contents of the question book, you may read the question book after reading the red book, but Personally, I thought that it would be possible to reach the pass range just by repeating the "question book about 3 times".

"Memorize the path of the command and configuration file."

Linuc has more writing problems than I expected, but just remembering the paths of commands and config files I thought I could get more than 10 questions. Also, if it is a problem of multiple choices, you will be asked to specify options, so You can easily get points just by memorizing the range that appears in the question book.

"Keep basic knowledge of networks"

You can easily get points by taking the exam and knowing only basic TCP / IP knowledge. It is better to keep track of network problems so that you can pass the exam easily.

Looking back

I felt it was very easy because I got used to the vendor qualification through the certification exam of the AWS exam. For 102, it took 20 minutes. I was able to challenge with a margin.

If you just remember what you wrote in "Linux Textbook LPIC Level 1 Speed Master Problem Collection Version N.N Compatible" in Teaching Material 3, you will definitely accept it. Questions similar to the actual question will be given.

We do not recommend the black book questions. If you want to buy a black book, you should definitely buy the Speedmaster! !! !! !! !! I'm not a turner, but "The Speedmaster is really good." It is a wonderful teaching material.

I have not tried online teaching materials such as Udemy, so please refer to the opinions of various people.

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