[LINUX] [Super Beginner] [Tired Intermediate] When "command not found" or "command not found" is displayed


After installing CentOS and setting up ls update pip ,,, suddenly, "command not found" is repeated, and I search the net ** No way ** cause. It's a little embarrassing, but I'll write it down. I was crushed for half a day with this. .. ..

Conclusion (embarrassing, pathetic.)

Click Copy Code Block and paste it on the command line. Run. → Command not found Move the cursor to the upper right of the example below![Untitled.png](https://qiita-image-store.s3.ap-northeast-1.amazonaws.com/0/362672/7d0825af-66fc- 5c20-ac4a-5b3287de4738.png) Doesn't this come out? You can copy and paste by pressing this.


$ sudo apt-get update

The correct answer was $ at the beginning. There is no problem if this is erased. The copy button in the code block will copy up to $.

What to do if the command is not found

Since it comes out by searching the net, I will only list it here. Usually the solution is here.

  1. PATH: Added in environment settings
  2. After setting the PATH, restart or execute the command to enable it immediately
  3. Not installed: Occurs with a specific command
  4. ** After copying, delete the first $ and execute **


It worked fine as long as I was typing while looking at the command. And, of course, I didn't select the first $ because I often copied and pasted by tracing the command with the cursor. There is no problem up to this stage. I did it after I knew the copy button of the code block. Failure ( ̄ △  ̄;)

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