[LINUX] Share the physical volume of a dual boot PC between OSs.

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Set the physical volume that can be handled from both Windows and Linux in a dual boot environment. NTFS specification, turn off Fast Boot.


Windows 10 and Xubuntu are installed separately on two physical volumes. The boot loader is grub2. I want to add one physical volume and share the data between both OSs.


Basically, it is recommended to format the volume from Windows. Specify NTFS as the file system. Most Linux distributions support NTFS mounts from the beginning.


It will be recognized by both OSs, but writing from Linux will be locked.


The cause is that the state of the device is locked by the Fast Boot function of Windows. If you force a write from Linux in this state, Windows may fail to boot.

Disable Fast Boot

Uncheck "Enable fast startup" by selecting "Change settings that are not currently available" in "Hardware Settings-> Power Options-> Power Button Settings" in Control Panel. ..


Reboot and make sure you can operate the volume from both operating systems.

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