[LINUX] Right-click the image → realize "Compress with TinyPNG"

Completed form


Install commands for compression

In the title, I wrote "TinyPNG" for easy understanding, but in reality it is called "pngquant" used by TinyPNG. Use a compressor.

** Install **

$ sudo apt install pngquant

** How to use **

Compress & overwrite with the following options

$ pngquant --ext .png --force filename.png

Even PNG with alpha channel is beautiful!

Original (239.8kB) Compressed (51.9kB)
ghost_origin.png ghost_tiny.png

Expanded context menu

Ubuntu 18

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:daniel-marynicz/filemanager-actions
$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install filemanager-actions-nautilus-extension

Ubuntu 19 or later

$ sudo apt-get install filemanager-actions

** Create Actions with FileManager-Actions **

There are various items, but after creating a new one, if you set the command executed on the "Command" tab, it will work for the time being. Screenshot from 2020-03-28 17-05-52.png ↓ Only when you right-click the * .png file. Screenshot from 2020-03-28 17-06-36.png

Let's right-click on the * .png file in the file manager.

It should be wrapped in the menu FileManager-Actions actions and have Compressed in PNG added.

If it does not come out, you may need to restart.

If you want to get rid of the FileManager-Actions actions wrapping, disableCreate a root ~from ʻEdit> Preferences`.


https://qiita.com/thanks2music/items/309700a411652c00672a https://askubuntu.com/questions/1049111/add-open-with-vscode-to-context-menu-in-ubuntu

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