[Python] Use and and or when creating variables

How to use and and or did not know

The logical operators and, or not only output bool types such as True and False, but also output numerical values, character strings, lists, etc. depending on the conditions. </ b>


The expressions x and y first evaluate x; if x is false, return the value of x; otherwise, evaluate the value of y and return the result. The expression x or y first evaluates x; returns the value of x if x is true; otherwise it evaluates the value of y and returns the result. 6. expression — Python 3.8.3 documentation

The objects that are considered False are:
  • bool type False
  • None
  • Numerical value (int type or float type) 0, 0.0
  • Empty string''
  • Empty containers (lists, tuples, dictionaries, etc.) [], (), {}


x = 5  # True
y = 0  # False

print(x and y)
# 0

print(x or y)
# 5

print(not x)
# False
x = 10  # True
y = 100  # True

print(x and y)
# 100

print(y and x)
# 10

print(x or y)
# 10

Reference site [https://note.nkmk.me/python-boolean-operation/:embed:cite]

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